dogs eating grass

Feeling confused because you saw your dog chowing down on some grass? No problem! Grass-eating is actually very common among dogs and can happen for a number of different reasons, don’t be too alarmed if you catch your dog grazing in the backyard.

Some dogs have a disorder called pica where they eat things that aren’t categorized as food. When it comes to grass, pica isn’t something to stress about. It’s common for dogs to indulge in some grass every once in a while, even if it does seem kind of strange. However, there are some factors dog parents should take into account if their pup has a taste for green.

Are They Feeling Sick?

Our dogs are smarter than we give them credit for and if a dog isn’t feeling well and nausea begins to set in, they might try to eat grass to soothe their upset stomach. Kind of like how we eat crackers or bread to soothe our stomachs, dogs turn to grass.

When they have an upset stomach, some dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up. They’re trying to get rid of whatever is causing their discomfort and grass does the trick.

It can be shocking when your dog starts eating grass to make themselves vomit, because they may not have been showing any signs of illness or discomfort to begin with. This is normal, but more often than not, dogs that throw up after eating grass were not feeling well.

While eating grass to soothe an upset tummy is normal for dogs, make sure that your dog isn’t chowing down on grass that has been recently treated or sprayed with pesticides as this could be harmful to your pup.

Dog eating grass

Is It Boredom?

Sometimes dogs eat grass strictly because they’re bored. It’s common for younger dogs and puppies to engage in this behavior because they’re always trying to occupy themselves.

If you think your dog is eating grass because they’re bored, be sure to incorporate more exercise and play time into their normal routine. Find activities that mentally stimulate your dog and let them release any pent-up energy. This should decrease your dog’s appetite for grass and make them an all-around happier pup.

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Is Their Diet Sufficient?

If your dog’s favorite snack is grass, it might be because they have a dietary deficiency. This means that there’s something they’re just not getting from their normal food and they’re seeking it elsewhere.

If you think this could be why your dog is munching on grass like a horse, check to make sure your dog is getting the necessary amounts of nutrients for its breed, weight, and age. Find a food that is high in fiber to satisfy your pup and keep them fuller for longer.

Dog sitting in grass with sun shining

Eating grass is neither good or bad for your pup. It’s not something to necessarily stress over and no real harm will come to them as long as they aren’t ingesting artificial substances or chemicals.

If you want to stop your dog’s grass-eating habit, pinpoint why they’re indulging in the first place and it will be much easier to remedy the situation.

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