Man standing with dog looking out at water

If you’re anything like most dog owners, your pup is your best friend. That means you would do anything to keep them happy and healthy right? If your answer is yes, then you should know that doing what’s best for your furry friend means constantly learning on your end. There are always ways to be a better dog parent and we’re here to help you get to the next level. Are you ready?

1. Make Routine Vet Visits

It may seem kind of obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of dog owners who only take their pup to the vet when there’s a problem. Do your dog a favor and don’t wait until an emergency arises, regularly bring your pooch to the vet for check-ups.

A lot of times medical conditions or ailments occur seemingly overnight, but more often than not your dog had underlying symptoms way before you noticed the issue. By making routine vet visits, your vet can help identify sicknesses or problems before they worsen, helping to keep your dog healthy and prolong their lifespan.

Visiting the vet regularly is also a great way to get recommendations on new foods, medicines, and toys for your pup. Nobody is more up to date than vets and their knowledge of new products can help you make your dog’s life even more enjoyable.

2. Groom Your Pup

Dog getting a bath

Grooming your pup might not be at the top of your list of priorities, but it is a crucial part of keeping them healthy. Dogs who go ungroomed for long periods of time can develop matted and tangled fur which can become uncomfortable and a real pain for owners to try to remove. Regular brushing, especially of long-haired dogs, helps keep your furry friend tangle free and silky soft.

Bathing your dog is also an important part of the grooming process. Most dogs should be bathed every month to remove dirt, bacteria, and any other gross things you don’t want to be dragged into your home.

Dogs should have their nails clipped every month as well. If untrimmed for too long, it can become a sanitary issue and can cause bleeding, pain, and infections to occur. Trimming your pup’s nails is a very meticulous part of dog grooming, so if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, take your pup to your local groomer and they can take care of it for you.

Last but not least, we can’t forget about your pup’s pearly whites (at least they should be pearly white). To make sure your dog has optimal oral health, you should brush their teeth at least 2-3 times a week. This helps make their breath smell better and also gets rid of bacteria that builds up over time and can lead to serious health issues if left untreated. You can find doggy toothpaste for your furry friend, but water and baking soda does the trick too.

3. Give Your Pup A Social Life

Two dogs playing in grass together

Dogs love to interact and play with other dogs- it’s just what they do. These pack animals enjoy being around each other and releasing energy with one another, just like we like to hang out with our friends.

If your dog is the only dog you have and doesn’t get to socialize very often with animals of the same species, then try bringing them to the dog park or places where dogs are allowed. This way, your dog can get some social interaction and possibly release some pent-up energy.

Plus, it’s always good to make sure your dog behaves around other pups. Dogs that miss out on dog to dog interaction for long periods of time can develop unwanted behaviors and even hostility towards other dogs. By allowing your dog to play with other pups, you can ensure these behaviors don’t develop.

4. Assess Their Diet

Pug puppy eating treat bone

As life becomes busier and busier, sometimes we fall into a routine and forget that we need to make changes to fit our dog’s needs. Every now and then it’s beneficial to assess your dog’s dog food and make sure it’s right for your dog’s weight and age.

As dogs get older, they have different nutritional needs and different foods have different ingredients and nutrients. Make sure your pup’s diet is balanced and gives them the boost they need to live a healthy life.

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Though they may be small, treats are also an important part of your dog’s healthy diet. When looking for treats, make sure they are organic and made with natural ingredients. Want to be an even better dog parent? Choose treats that have health boosting qualities like Natural Genius Hip and Joint soft chews. They’re delicious to your dog and keep their joints working properly to maintain and increase their mobility as they age. You owe it to your dog to find treats that not only taste amazing but keep them feeling like a puppy for years to come.

We know you’re already an amazing dog parent. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t, but we also know that we should always strive for perfection when it comes to giving our dogs the best life possible. Try implementing the tips above. We know your pup will thank you for it.

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