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We all love our dogs but let’s face it, they’re smelly creatures. It’s not their fault that they have that doggy odor. After all, they run, play, and roll outside in a fur coat. But just because your pup has that “dog smell”, doesn’t mean your house has to as well.

If your home is starting to smell like a kennel, you need to make a change and fast! Luckily, protecting your house from your dog’s odor is easier than you’d think. Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of dog smell in your home.

Give Your Dog Regular Baths


It might seem obvious, but washing your dog is a great way to reduce that pesky dog smell lingering in your house. Depending on the density of your dog’s fur (the more fur, the more often you should be bathing them), you can give your pup a bath as soon as every other week, but they shouldn’t go more than two months without a deep clean. Just make sure you’re using skin-sensitive shampoo, so they don’t dry out your pup’s coat and skin.

Dog coats pick up dirt and germs from outside and have oils of their own that can make your pup’s fur look downright greasy and smell awful. Dogs also produce dander which makes its way around your home and onto your furniture. This helps spread your dog’s smell all around your house and is the reason for your home smelling like a petting zoo.

While giving your dog regular baths isn’t the be-all end-all to getting rid of the dog smell in your house, it definitely makes a difference. Get your pup on a grooming schedule and notice how much fresher your home smells.

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Wash Your Dog’s Bed

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This is another obvious trick, but you wouldn’t believe how many people let their dog’s bed go unwashed for more than a month at a time. Your pup sleeps in their bed every night and sometimes more than once a day if they’re into taking naps, so it’s important to keep it clean.

Due to the soft material they’re made out of, dog beds retain the oils and smells your dog exudes which means every time your furry friend lays down, even if they just got a bath, those oils and smells transfer to their coat making them smell like they just ran a marathon.

To prevent this from happening, you should wash your dog’s bed once a week to remove any unwanted germs and odors. If washing your dog’s bed every week is too much effort, then vacuum any excess hair and dirt off the cushion and spray it with a pet odor eliminator. You’ll find a noticeable difference in your dog’s smell and ultimately, your home.

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Use A Natural Odor Absorber

While washing your dog and washing their bed solves the majority of the lingering dog smell in your house issue, it’s inevitable that your pup will smell from time to time. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an odor absorber on hand at all times.

The more natural the product, the better because you don’t want yourself and your dog to be breathing in harmful chemicals. If you can’t find a natural odor absorber that you like, then you can make one!

Natural Genius Prenzy30


One easy odor absorber is baking soda. Just add a cup of this powerful smell absorber to a jar with Lavender Oil and Lemongrass Oil, punch holes in the top of the jar, and set it in your smelliest room. If you want to make it into an air freshening, odor-absorbing magic spray, just add more of the essential oils and use a spray bottle instead of a jar.

Not only are the ingredients safe, but they’re effective, natural, and will have your home smelling amazing in no time.

If you follow these three tips, people will never know a dog even lives in your house based on the smell.

Only give your dog NATURAL!