Dog with baby

Finding the perfect dog when you have kids can be challenging. There are a lot of factors that go into making the right decision like how old your kids are, how old the dog you want to get is, how much time you realistically have to spend with the dog, how much space you have- the list goes on and on.

While these are very important questions to answer before getting a pup, there are some dogs that just make amazing family dogs. They are known for loving kids and you can feel safe knowing these dogs are in your household with your little ones.

Let’s dive into these four breeds that are sure to be a great match for your kids.

1. Beagles

Puppy beagle

Beagles make wonderful pets for children as they have sweet and playful dispositions. They are a friendly breed that is adventurous and energetic and will have your kids playing nonstop.

Beagles are also low maintenance when it comes to grooming because of their short hair and they don’t normally exceed 30 pounds. If you want a fun-loving, sweet pup, then a Beagle might be the dog for you!

2. Labrador Retrievers

Brown lab

Labs are one of the most common family dogs and for good reason. They are loyal, sweet, and tolerant companions for families especially with younger children. While this breed requires a lot of exercise and playing, they really are big and mellow dogs with low tendencies for aggression. This means they won’t react negatively to small children pulling on their fur.

Labs are extremely affectionate dogs who adore their owners. At times, Labs can forget their size and when they get excited can tend to knock over small children. This is never done in malice, but parents should monitor small children when Labs get overexcited as they might get knocked over by the happy pup.

3. Boxers

Boxer in grass

Boxers have a reputation for being big, energetic dogs. They are incredibly playful and if properly introduced to small children, make loyal and gentle companions.

Boxers love to constantly interact with their humans, so children will always have the watchful eye of their furry friend on them. These dogs will wear your children out while making sure they’re safe from harm.

One thing to watch out for with Boxers is that they are notoriously clumsy and when they become over-excited, they can step on or knock down children accidentally. With training and exercise, this behavior can be prevented.

4. Poodles


Poodles are intelligent, gentle dogs. This breed is less energetic than most but will still play and exercise often. Because they are so smart, poodles are much easier to train than other dogs and will display good manners around your kids.

This breed loves its owners and will show their loyalty by being a great watchdog. When in a family with kids, Poodles become effective babysitters. These dogs are also hypoallergenic, so if you or your kids have allergies or you just don’t want to clean up a lot of dog hair, Poodles might be for you!

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There are many dog breeds out there and it’s important to choose the best one for you and your family. While every family has specific needs when it comes to looking for a furry companion, these pups have been proven to be wonderful pets for kids.

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